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The REAL Reason I Love Candles

As a conscious being, it’s always been about more than candles to me. I was trained as a sociologist at Spelman College, so I’ve been guided in the mindful observance of groups and culture. I’m hardwired to tap in to the collective energy of the masses.

In countless conversations over the years, I’ve seen the pattern that what many of us feel these days is the perpetual requirement to be “on” all the time. To grind tirelessly. To win, be happy ALL the time, excel, and produce at all costs. Team no-sleep. We’ve created multiple personas- the public, social media-ready persona and then there’s the person who we are when no one's watching…

Our career-centric, frenzied and competitive hustle pushes many of us to compartmentalize much of who we are deep down. To neglect our inner whispers and push towards a seemingly endless finishline. The harmful notions of success leave many feeling depleted, unsatisfied, deeply fatigued and inwardly numb. I’ve spoken to so many people who just feel lost or overcome with anxiety.

One needs merely to reference the newfound evidence that millennials are drinking more coffee, depressed from social media, having less sex and feeling stressors beyond that of what many of their predecessors could have fathomed.

Is it all bleak? No, not at all. We’re a remarkably creative generation of fearless innovators. We have many valuable gifts to offer this world. What I’m referencing here is of a far more subtle nature. We have an opportunity to shift gears, awaken something forgotten deep within our consciousness.  

What I’m advocating for is that we unplug. shift down. Disconnect and unwind. Reorient ourselves in our deeper root and sacral chakras. Treat a few summers like its winter. Really just chillllllllllllll the fuck out. Birth a new way of being from places of stillness, calm and deep relaxation. Drop in to a slower, relaxed state of collective consciousness.

From long walks to shutting off our devices, there’s countless ways we can begin to accomplish this. I’ve just happened to create one that smells really good ;)

Candles are more powerful than they are often given credence. They can assist us in our journeys by creating visual cues in our immediate environment of relaxation. They welcome in gentle warmth. A new rhythm. Comfort and an invitation to slow down. A subtle atmospheric softness that can be ignited instantly.

In repeating the simple habit of burning a candle whenever we go, we can begin to rewire our neuro pathways and practice the behavior of slowing down. Breathing deep. We can usher in opportunities to be good to ourselves more frequently. Romance ourselves. Wine & dine ourselves maybe with a slow home-cooked meal. A hot candlelit bath. An intimate and soft spoken conversation with a loved one. Perhaps the final atmospheric touch in our homes after a day of cleaning.

This is the shift I believe our adrenal fatigued minds and bodies are calling for. We owe this self-love to ourselves. Let’s start making more love. Let’s start finding the sensual joys within ourselves. Don’t just create safe space, create luminously warm and cozy spaces that promote self-love. Make your nest, your immediate environment the sweetest most romantic it can be. Even if it’s you and you alone there. You deserve it. You deserve to treat yourself gently and with kindness when no one's watching. So whether you choose to embellish your environment with my candles or someone else’s, know that my truest desire for you is to feel loved. Nourished. Comforted. Safe. Uplifted. And most importantly, incredibly sexy :)

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