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Exotic Hand-Poured Candles

Sukie's Candle Co. provides exotically scented premium soy wax candles, made fresh-to-order and individually hand-poured. Infused with essential oils, our vegan soy candles offer an environmentally clean burn with no toxins, additives, dyes or pollutants ever added.

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Chats With A Nubian Shorty

Chats With A Nubian Shorty Recently I sat down with nubianshorties.com for a chat about my work. Check out the interview below!

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The Beauty In Obsession

The Beauty In Obsession I’ve been deliberate about trying to get free. The idea of having non-stop bills, rent, credit card debt, it all started to feel like an endless cycle of working just to pay bills. Only to have brief moments of leisure or me time on the weekends. Something just didn’t add up. So some place in my consciousness decided, a few years ago, to try to untangle myself from the web. To release myself from the obligations. To write a new narrative about my lifestyle and life story.

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You’re Likely Not Using Candles The Right Way

You’re Likely Not Using Candles The Right Way There are distinct chapters in my life I won’t forget. The sensation and new flavors of Brazilian street food. The first Janet Jackson album I fell in love with. My first kiss. With each memory, I’m ushered back to a distinct chapter. Stage in life. Each being marked with key indicators I can viscerally recall by taste, touch, sight, smell & sound. As if they have imprinted in the DNA of my life’s journey. 

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