Vanilla candle is a comforting and richly sweet take on the classic, world famous vanilla scent. This creamy warm scent is the sweetest in our collection and cozy for cold winter days. 

Note Profile:
Top: Buttercream
Middle: Vanilla, Cake
Base: Sugar, Bourbon

Weight: 4oz
Burn Time: 25 Hours

Product Details: 
- Pure soy wax with no additives, dyes or fillers
- Natural cotton wick braided with thin paper threads (lead and zinc free)
- Wax sourced from US grown soybeans
- Always individually hand-poured, hand labeled and crafted in small batches

Uses & Recommendations:
- Enjoy the travel size tins for max 3-4 hours per session 
- Trim wick as needed to reduce chances of soot

Fun Fact: Interestingly, fresh vanilla beans have no taste or aroma. They must undergo an extensive curing process by subjecting the harvested beans to a process of nightly sweating and daily exposure to the sun for about 10 days, until they become deep chocolate brown in color.